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Photos for Mothers (that aren't selfies)

When is the last time you had a photo of yourself with your kids when you weren't the one holding the camera in your own hand and taking the picture?

The lack of photos of myself with my kids, and hearing my friends say the same, inspired the idea for these sessions.

With almost no notice at all, I called and asked if I could shoot a quick session at sunset.

We probably didn't even spend fifteen minutes shooting. The kids did all of the work for us. I gave them missions like.... sneak up surprise mommy with a kiss.

We got so many great shots. So many good memories of her boys being this little. She loves the photos today... but she'll love them even more when the boys are grown.

Talk me today to schedule yours. If you book by May 11th and your session takes place before June 1st... you'll get 10% off AND an 8 inch by 8 inch framed print when you place your order!

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