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What to Wear for Family Photos

One question I get asked a lot is, “What should we wear?” So I’ve compiled a few thoughts to get you started on what could be your best family photo session yet!

Location Matters!

First of all, your clothing should look like it belongs in the environment.

If your location is Goose Pond… then dress like you belong in the country! If your session is in downtown Linton… then dress like you belong in town! If it’s a formal studio photography session then… dress formally.

Consider the color scheme of your background… and try not to choose any colors that will match or clash. For example, bright red shirts aren't a good idea if you're going to be posing in front of a bright red barn.

If your session is out in the country…. avoid bright neon colors. They just don’t belong in the great outdoors. An in-town/urban session is great for bright and crazy colors, but keep it muted if you are going to be in the country.

Just simply keep in mind the location of the photos, and make sure that your clothing will complement and not distract from your background.

Color Combinations

Many years ago, the style for family photos was full-on matching! Remember, the entire families in white shirts and jeans photos of the mid-2000s? Those days are gone. The key in 2019 is to “coordinate without matching.”

So find a color scheme that you like (that works for your environment). Better yet… start with a color that you personally think looks good on you. For example, if you (mom or dad) don’t like the way you look in green… then you shouldn’t probably base your color scheme on green.

Choose a color that is flattering on yourself and go from there! Here are a few examples of color combinations that go well together.

Where to Shop

Personally, for our family, I like to use clothes that we already have as much as possible. So I decide on our color scheme, and then start pulling from our closets. I usually only purchase what we need to fill in the gaps. I’ve found that I usually like the end result better when I use clothes that we already have and like.

But for the items that you need to buy new, Old Navy is my first stop. Right now, they have a section called Mini Me - Looks for the Whole Family. They have actually coordinated outfits with the same fabrics and colors. It’s almost too easy.

Target also has a “Family” category for online shopping. They have family graphic tees, holiday outfits, Mommy and Me, and sibling sets. So easy.

One Last Big DON’T

Stay away from shirts with words. Words are very distracting. They also often date an image, so that later your images won’t be quite so timeless. So always stay away from words and numbers.

You’re ready to go!!

I'd love to talk to you about finding the right location and the right wardrobe for your best family photo session yet! Contact me today!

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